Writing a Congratulations Message: What to Write on a Congratulations Card

This is a lovely word that usually comes with exclamations and excitement. Everyone wants to hear this at one or many points in their life. Imagine the joy that comes with achieving something. It’s heart-warming. It’s worth celebrating our family, friends, loved ones. The word usually comes after getting a new job, the birth of a baby, passing an exam, graduation and many more! 
Cards always play a great role here. They are gifts that cannot be overemphasised. Beyond spoken words, they open that special place in our loved one’s heart with written words and colours, art. There are many ways we can say congrats. We don’t have to say those words you know. It could be: 
Cheers! Well done! I am proud of you! I am so happy for you! 
Everyone deserves a smile. We should give them this from time to time and, surely, we would also get ours from time to time. 
Congratulatory messages don’t have to be too long or short. You can say what you have to in words that are just right. 
A good starting example of congratulating a newly wedded couple could be: May your love keep flourishing! A good starting example on congratulating someone who just retired: Congrats! You’ve worked so hard, you can now take a deserving rest! Put smiles on someone’s face today by sending that Congratulations Card! Don’t forget to start that order. Have a great week!

By Bolanlejesu Elizabeth Akinola

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