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School Stationery

School stationery is usually used for typing or writing. The items are used for school or college-going kids. These things will help the students to perform their job with ease. Either you have a small or large order we will then deliver the order soon. DWM Cards is a local company in Ireland that produce, print and create premium quality printing material. We also customize your order as per your need. Also, placing an order is quite easy. Also, the products are available at the best price. 

  • School Information Packs

The school information pack contains details like your visit planning, education details, locating things, and time of arrival. We can design a school information pack as per your need. Also, the order can be personalized as per your specification and need.

  • School Calendars

The school calendar has the schedule of all events in an academic year. The calendar contains events and dates. Various other details like holidays, sporting events, days off, plays, meetings, school board meetings, and parent-teacher conferences. The school calendar helps faculty and students to remind key dates of the academic year and semester.

  • Confirmation & Communion Booklets

We print the premium quality confirmation and communion booklets. The material and printing technology used is of top quality. Also, we take bulk orders and they are delivered on time. Just share your address, local contact number, and nearest landmark. Just place the order and leave the rest to us.

  • School Events Materials

The materials containing school events are printed on DWM cards. We work with your team and customize the material as per your specification. You can select us as we are a local company in Ireland and all the stationery products are available at the best prices. 

  • School Journal

School journal has educational material for the school students. So, we understand that how much it holds importance for schools and kids. You can share the details with us and we can print them. We ensure that our printing quality is good. Also, you can talk to our staff for more information. 

  • School Planners and Posters

The school planner is an important piece of communication. The students can easily monitor their assignments, set personal objectives and goals, and increase communication between students, teachers, and parents. You can place the order with just a click. Posters motivate students to learn about a particular topic. The students can focus on a specific fact, idea, and topic. 

  • School Reports

The school reports are provided to the parents depicting the details about their child’s performance and behaviour. So, you can place your order and we will deliver within the timeline. The school reports can be customized as per your need. 

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