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Office Stationery

Office stationery is the commodity that helps to complete the office job according to specifications and requirements. Every small, medium or big organization requires office stationery. DWM Cards have various categories of office products on their website. You can place the order and the products can be customized as per your requirement. We are a local firm that creates and produces office stationery. The stationary is of premium quality and is used in offices for regular use. We also print any information or logo required. The order will be delivered as soon as it is received. 

  • Letterheads

The letterhead is a sheet of paper on which the name and address of the company are either printed or engraved. It is a powerful tool to strengthen the image of the company via effective communication. It can be used for internal or external purposes or to convey about the service or product. 

  • General Calendars

The calendar displays day and date of the week. The year is divided into days, weeks, and months. We can also customize the calendar as per your specification and need. The order will be dispatched as per your specification. 

  • Wall Calendars:

The main purpose of the wall calendar is to display dates and other details. It is displayed in a defined format. You can use a wall calendar for planning future events and keeping track of appointments. So, you can place the order with just a click. 

  • Desktop calendars:

A desktop calendar is specially designed to keep on your desk. It is made from cardboard and is of triangle shape with steel spiral. The desktop calendar can be ordered from a smartphone, laptop, and desktop. 

  • Pocket Calendars:

The pocket calendar gets fit into messenger bags, purses, and briefcases. They are perfect to remind you about appointments and events. It is of smaller size that can be placed in a purse, jacket pocket, and shirt. We have various designs on our website. You can place your order sitting at the comfort of your home. 

  • Compliment Slips

It is a slip of paper with the name and address of the company. The compliment slips are used to improve relations with the clients and customers. DWM cards provide premium quality printing service and material. So, the compliment slips can be ordered with ease. 

  • Posters

The poster is a medium of promotion of your products, services, and events. The poster consists of graphic and textual elements. It provides information and catching details. We are a local company that offers premium quality products and services.

  • Envelops

Envelopes are made of thin and flat material. It is a packaging item that is used to contain a card or letter. They are also used to send documents or letters via regular postal mail. The envelopes can be personalized with the desired information. 

  • Tickets

The tickets are a piece of paper or certificate depicting entitlement to admission to an establishment or event. We create high-quality printed materials. Also, the desired information can be printed on tickets. 

  • Labels & Stickers

Labels and stickers are adhesive that are illustrated or printed. They have information about a particular object. The labels provide information, instructions for use, and warning, advertising, or environmental advice. 

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