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A Booklet is a bound book with a limited number of pages and has a paper cover. It generally contains marketing material like a brochure does. These are perfect when creating catalogues, manuals, or event programs. Booklet printing adds reliability to advertising, catalogues, project, news magazine, and more. A customized booklet is a great way to ensure your customers have all the information they need. It sends a precise message about your business’s reliability and commitment towards quality. This quality helps to safeguard brands and makes a fine, professional image of excellence and trustworthiness. Booklets are Simple… Yet Resourceful.

Booklets are a powerful marketing tool for existing and potential customers to carry and use as a guide when making decisions. With this, every other benefits count in the business world, cost-effective booklet printing has many advantages. 

    • A4 Booklets: Digital and Printed

 A4 booklets come in dimensions of 210 X 297 mm. The paper format is an A4 booklet. The booklets are available in digital and printed format. The booklet is of premium quality.


  • A5 Booklets: Digital and Printed

    A5 booklets are 148 X 210 mm. These booklets are smaller than A4. You can purchase both digital as well as printed from DWM cards. 

  • Perfect bound booklets

    The pages are bound together through adhesive. These booklets are crisp, clean, and professional products. They are created locally in Ireland.

  • Perfect Bound Books

    The pages are glued to the spine of the book. This product is quite a famous product that is used widely. We produce it locally in Ireland.

  • Reports and Manuals

    The report contains information in a structured format for a specific purpose and audience. The manual provides guidelines or instructions for performing an activity. These both can be ordered locally from DWM cards.

  • Wiro Bound Documents

    Wiro bound is perfect for notebooks, presentations, manuals, recipe books, and reference documents. We can create wire-bound documents for your use.

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