Importance of sending sympathy cards

The sympathy card is a perfect way to convey your condolences to the loved one who has lost someone special. It is a simple way to show that you care for them who has lost a family member or friend. The key aim is to offer kind words and support those people who are in grief after the loss of a near and dear one. 

In this article, we are discussing the importance of sending sympathy cards. If you are thinking that whether to send sympathy card or not then don’t think much! The card is a symbol to show that you are concerned about the family of a deceased. 

Why sympathy cards are important to send?

Sending a text message will not provide a personal touch to the family of the deceased. Ordering a sympathy card and sending it with a handwritten message will show that you are caring for them. The card can also be displayed as a reminder that people have supported you in their tough times. 

The sympathy cards are important to send if you are not attending the funeral. This is an essential etiquette if you are out of touch with the deceased or mourners. You can even send the card if you are attending the funeral or have close relation with the mourners. 

The sympathy cards must be sent maximum within two weeks of loss. Also, you can personalize the card with an overprint or handwritten message. 

Whom you can address?

We understand that you might be confused as to whom to address in the sympathy card. Hence, we are discussing certain points that will help you. 

  • If you know the deceased personally, send a card to the closest relative like husband, wife, parents, or eldest child.
  • If your relative or friend has lost someone close, write directly even if you don’t know the deceased personally.
  • You can include “and family” in your sympathy note.

It becomes quite tough to send a sympathy card in this busy and fast-paced life. But half of the work is made easy by ordering the card with just a click from the DWM card website. Place your order just after you learn about someone’s death. The card will be delivered to the shared address. You can send them to the family of the deceased. 

Important points for consideration for sending a sympathy card

Religion plays an important role while sending a card to convey your condolences. However, the bereaved will be thankful for your gesture, but you must be careful to write the message on the card. 

  • If the person follows the Christian or Jewish religion, he/she will appreciate the quote from Bible or Torah in his/her time of suffering. You can also write a personal message without any reference to religion. 
  • Similarly, Muslim families may also appreciate the quote from Quran. You can add a verse from the holy books of respective religions. 
  • If you are not sure what to write in the sympathy cards then you can share the quote from the respective holy book and convey your prayers in the card. 
  • If you are ordering the card, then select the card as per the quote or prayer mentioned in the card. You can also ask them to mention handwritten messages. 


If you know someone who has lost a family member or relative, send sympathy cards. The sympathy cards are a perfect platform to convey your condolences.  Also, you can convey your support to the family of the deceased. You can show your concern that you are with them in their tough time.

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